Turning waste into a reusable resource is core to our business and a sustainable future

One of Australia’s leading providers of waste management

NRG [National Recycling Group] is one of Australia’s leading providers of waste management solutions to the construction industry, households, business and government. Our brands – DATS Environmental Services, Melbourne Recycling Centres and Harpers Bin Hire – service over 30,000 clients through the provision of waste collection, recycling, waste transportation and waste disposal services.

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Focused on waste management solutions
recycling facts in australia
  • 61+ million tonnes of waste generated pa
  • 98% of Australian households recycle and reuse waste
  • 10 million tonnes of masonry materials recycled, 60% recovery rate
  • 30% of new glass jars and bottles are made from recycled materials
  • Waste sent to landfill increased by 12% between 2001 and 2007, an increasing trend
  • 90% of components in mobile phones can be recycled
  • 90% of batteries are not recycled, yet 98% of car batteries are now recyclable
  • Methane gas from landfill accounts for approx 3% of our total greenhouse gas emissions
Sources: ABS, OzHarvest, Recycling Revolution, Waste and Recycling in Aust 2011

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